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How we met

Liana palazzolo, sammer abu khadra, ליאנה פאלאתסולו, סאמר אבו חדרה
We are what you can call, "Face book couple"...
He: I was browsing Face book when I suddenly ran into this amazing and astonishing picture of a beautiful girl with the sea behind her… My curiosity just took over and I had to do something!
She: I remember when Sammer added me to be his Face book friend and wrote - "Your beautiful smile together with the sea behind you left me speechless!"… I was curious to see the face behind those words… So I accepted his friend request.
 Liana palazzolo, sammer abu khadra, ליאנה פאלאתסולו, סאמר אבו חדרה
It was the summer of 2008, we were both happy in our current lifestyles, we really were not looking for any changes, and we had no idea what was in store for us.
We first met at Al Midan Theater where we saw the play: "Kissat Kharif" (Autumn Story) -separately!! Each of us was with his friends and the weird part was that we didn't talk at all! Didn't even say hi…
BUT… on the same night, we were both on line on Face book and I (liana) decided to verify the reason behind his behavior at the Theater. After I finished throwing the blame on him for not talking to me- he surprised me by asking me out on a date..!
June, 26th, 2008! We will never forget this date… we had our first date in Akko at a restaurant called "Dunyana". It was a magical night..
We often talk of how well we hit it off on that first date; how easily we got along and enjoyed each other’s company. Ironically, after hitting it off so well on that first date, we did not see each other for a whole month! We were both busy, either with work or school, but we have since made up for that hiatus.
These days we enjoy spending the time we have together by going to the movies, going out with friends and planning for the future.

Liana palazzolo, sammer abu khadra, ליאנה פאלאתסולו, סאמר אבו חדרה

The Proposal

It all started out like this… We had made plans for Valentine’s Day to travel to Tel- Aviv and spend the day there… Nothing special was on our schedule! At least that was what I thought…
Just before Sammer came to pick me up, I happily, found out that a couple of friends, Nabeel and Stephany were coming with us… And I was excited to spend the whole day with my friends and my hubby.
We arrived to Tel-Aviv, sat in a place called "Chafez", ate, drank and had a great time... at this time... Sammer and Nabeel told us, that we have to leave to meet someone around 16:00, even though the story was kind of blurry but we flew with it.
At 16:00 sharp, we found out what was waiting for us for the rest of the afternoon… A CRUIS ON A YACHT for two hours! We had our own yacht and our own skipper..!
Sammer had it all planned, the food, the music and the champagne…
Around 17:00 we started watching the sunset, Sammer suggested that we go to the head of the yacht for a better view… we sat there for few minutes and suddenly I realized that our song – “Let it be me” (By: Demmis Rossous) was playing in the background. Sammer told me that he wrote me a poem, I started listening carefully to every word… by the time he said the last word he was already on one knee asking me to marry him…!!!
I looked around.. Everything was so perfect..... And to make it even more perfect… I said YES! And you can imagine what happened next… (If not- the pictures say it all!)
And that is the story of us… Well, the beginning anyway…

Liana palazzolo, sammer abu khadra, ליאנה פאלאתסולו, סאמר אבו חדרה